We pushed the load-testing process to the Fortnite Items

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We pushed the load-testing process to the Fortnite Items

Messagepar yuandanzou » Ven 8 Mar 2019 07:59

It took Epic longer than they expected to fix the issues, but finally the manner returned on July 2. Epic says that the solution involved giving the Playground Mode its service cluster and then give that support cluster the ability to re-balance sessions from different nodes:"After we identified the root of the problem as the fatigue of sessions from local lists,

the alternative was to give the cluster the buy fortnite traps capability to majority rebalance sessions from different nodes to ensure repeated lookups were not vital. Together with the system constantly shifting regional capacity from nodes with an excess to nodes that might be running low, the odds of a node running dry for a particular area and having to search outside its local record have been drastically reduced,

"We pushed the load-testing process to the Fortnite Items limits during our MMS restructuring, since the scale of what we had been hoping to simulate was so far beyond ordinary usage or analyzing patterns. We had to spin up countless millions of theoretical users and hurl them at our Playground MMS system in a big, crashing tide in an effort to strain our brand new session rebalancer.

Even though the tweak - test - evaluate cycle required a few hours per loop, it enabled us to develop and enhance the rebalance behaviour to a point where we believed it might stand up to the visitors, as well as to spot and fix edge-case bugs that might have torpedoed the effort to deliver Playground back online."
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