fruits and vegetables production line

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fruits and vegetables production line

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Use: tomato paste, tomato ketchup
Product Description:
We offer complete process line on turnkey basis to produce the following end products from tomatoes.
- Tomato Puree from tomato processing plant
- Tomato Paste from tomato Paste processing plant
- Tomato Ketchup/Sauces from tomato ketchup puree plant
- Tomato Juices from tomato juice processing plant

Packing lines can be offered depending upon the requirement like Product in glass bottles, Cans, Drums, etc. Manufacturing process involves most modern technology of vacuum evaporation using forced circulation evaporators/scrapped surface evaporators. Evaporation plants are versatile in nature and can concentrate other juices also.
Salient Features Are:
High yield up to 90% of juice
Low energy cost.
Low temperature evaporation resulting improved quality of products.
User friendly.
Semi-automatic as well as fully automatic system available.
Both hot break and cold break systems available.
Suitable for tomato dilution to produce sachet, ketchup. This processing line combines with RO water treatment section, hot water generating section, high-speed dissolving section, blending section, degasser, homogenizer, pasteurizer, filling & seaming section, empty tin can depalletizing section, tin can flusher, conveyor system, cooling tunnel pasteurizer section, air-knife dryer and ink jet code. With advanced design philosophy, high degree of automation; Main equipments are all made of high quality food grade stainless steel, accords with the hygienic requirements of food processing.
- Fresh tomato or tomato paste in drum as raw material
- Capacity ranges from 500kg/h to 2000kg/h
- Produce ketchup or sauce
- Configuration are flexible, according the requirement of client to prepare the suitable machine
- Filling type available
- Modular design, which can combine different processing technic
- High automatic degree, labor-saving
- Equipped with CIP to make clean easy
- Material contacted with production is SUS304 stainless steel, fully meets the food hygiene safety requirements
Raw materialTomato paste in drum
ProductKetchup, sauce
Packaging typeAdjustable
End product packagePlastic bottle, glass bottle, standup pouch, tin can
CapacityAdjustablefruits and vegetables production line
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